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Worldwide import & export of second-hand clothing!

Your reliable partner in the purchase and sale of used textiles and quality second-hand clothing

> 30 years experience!

With over 30 years of experience , we can gradually call ourselves a major player in the market.

24x7 Service

Our team is on standby 24/7 to answer all your questions, from purchase to delivery . Bespoke experience!


We only work with authorized distributors to continue to ensure a flawless delivery, regardless of the country we need to ship to.

A fresh new design for your convenience.

An entirely new look , made clear and colorful. Our website is now ‘mobile friendly’ allowing visitors to easily navigate through the site both on a computer and a smartphone or tablet.

We import and export WORLDWIDE

Welcome to a world where used clothing is given a new life!
In the past 30 years Monatex has built a network of customers and suppliers, with Central Europe as its starting point. For over three generations, we are active in the recycling and revaluation of used clothing.

Textiles that are no longer used in Europe are collected by us. It is then divided into five high-quality product categories and then shipped to our customers in various continents.


Since our foundation, we focused on delivering superior quality products. Our success is based on this experience. The four core values that we strive for are: quality, service, price and continuity.

Our daily efforts are fulfilling the needs and desires of our customers. Through this method of working we achieve optimal use of fabric, which means less pollution, less waste and better recycling!

How do we work?

Step 1 - Import

Our clothing is purchased from European countries such as Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland. Everything is gathered in our warehouse to begin the process.

Step 2 - Sorting

The goods are sorted in our warehouse, or in other words, grouped according to different categories. Our well experienced team then sorts the entire mass based on color, model , quality, etc ...

Step 3 - Sales

Each customer has their own preferred treatment. We always try to find this out before we proceed to the actual sale. Once there is an agreement everything is packed according to the customers' needs such as size, color, weight, etc ...

Step 4 - Export

We have been working with experienced shippers and transportation companies to deliver our goods as efficient as possible. We always make sure the customer has no concern regarding the delivery!



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